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This site has been established to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about Bill Black and the shows he performs in the desert Southwest.

** UPDATED 04/27: Bill Black's Event Calendar to inform you of upcoming performances.
A new calendar has been added to keep you up to date on events/performances at which Bill Black is appearing.

What is A Slightly Different Entertainer?

When Bill Black began developing as a performer, he realized that performers quickly were placed in pigeon hole type categories. From his early days, he sought to be an individual that was less in a category and more into meeting audience and producer needs.

He studied both performing methods and techniques and the business and technical aspects of show production. In doing this, he became adept at tailoring performances to specific target audiences in widely varying performing areas.

He specialized in the different aspects of theatrical magic. His work produced a lecture on performing magic that he delivered from coast to coast, numerous publications of magical effects in publications for conjurors and awards for originality of method and performance.

He also developed presentations in the use of humor in business presentations and using personality types in determining job choices. From this work, he also developed his problem solving techniques through paradigm analysis.

His use of poetry reveals some ideas of the changing American West and its effect of American society. He is emphasizing American values and ideals as expressed through stories of the American West and its characters.

The combination of these elements provides a unique combination of entertainment, enlightenment and positive affirmation.


What is the Program?

The current program is a combination of the types of magic used to amaze and amuse audiences in the Southwest. It is designed to allow the audience to participate in creating and sharing the experience of magic.

The poetry is a combination of both classic and current poetry with an emphasis on Western Americana themes.

During the performance, Bill will ask for the participation of several members of the audience. These moments are designed to highlight the event for those who participate in activities that will not embarrass either the participant or other audience members.

The moments of magic will be interspersed with selections from Bill’s current CDs and some other poetic works..

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